2013 Bridge Run

It is one month away from the East Cooper Bridge Run! Are you training for it?? If you have or you are already a seasoned runner, now is a great time to make an appointment at Atlantic Spine Clinic.

Running is a repetitive motion sport that requires your body to undergo wear and tear at a much higher rate than non-weight bearing sports or everyday activities. The foot contains 25% of the bones in the body, and the menisci (in your knee) bear 45% of your weight, the medial meniscus carrying the most. Running, with is a repetitive action, can contribute to increased wear and tear and/or musculoskeletal injury. Properly fitted shoes, musculoskeletal and joint alignment, and nutritional support can minimize these issues.

Dr. Huston and Dr. Curia are here to help with any pain or twinges you may be feeling before, during, or after your run. Getting in for a couple of adjustments and treatments may improve your overall time during the race.

On top of Chiropractic, Massage Therapy is also available. Sore achy muscles are never fun while running. Massage can help increase the blood circulation and help with any muscle strains you have been having. Try to get a massage at least a week before the race to work out any "kinks" and then schedule one for the week after, to relax and help with any delayed onset muscle soreness.

Good luck in your final weeks of training and remember to stretch and stay hydrated!

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