Learn how friends, neighbors and athletes, as well as NFL and MLB players, experience the Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic difference.

By coordinating Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Medical under one roof, we provide greater outcomes and shorter treatment times for our patients. 

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"Why go anywhere else? They have everything you need under one roof, and the team approach is skillful, friendly, and extremely effective."   Dave W., Mount Pleasant

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Injury Authority

Decades of experience, an impeccable reputation, and a large group of medical providers makes Atlantic Spine Clinic the Preferred Provider for Injury and MVA cases in Mount Pleasant and North Charleston.

We offer your Clients rapid scheduling and deliver exceptional treatment outcomes.

Mount Pleasant 

North Charleston 

Generations of Health

Our Goals

At Atlantic Spine Clinic, our goal is to provide the best non-surgical treatment outcomes possible by coordinating the most effective elements of Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, and Medical Pain/Inflammatory Management all under one roof.   By utilizing the three core components of physical medicine: reduce pain, restore movement, increase strength, we are able to resolve back, spine, and joint pain in a safe, cost-effective and time-effective manner.  Our doctors/providers are thoughtful, our office is friendly and comfortable, and our patients leave equipped with the skills and knowledge to maintain their progress and resume a lifestyle without limitations.  

Office Locations

Main Office - No Referral Needed

1150 Hungry Neck Blvd., Suite D
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

North Charleston Office

2850 Ashley Phosphate Rd, Suite H
North Charleston, SC 29418

Directions to the Mount Pleasant Office

Directions to the North Charleston Office

Environmental and Nutritional Allergy Testing

Chronic runny nose? Are you feeling bloated after you eat your favorite meals? You may be a candidate for our skin allergy tests.

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Nothing Is Helping This Knee Pain!

Achy knees? Stiff knees? Hard to go from sitting to standing? Does it hurt to run, walk, kneel, or take the stairs?

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Is this still supposed to hurt??

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When Do You Use Ice or Heat?

Have you ever been confused about whether its best to use ice or heat for an injury? Have you noticed which one tends to work better for your individual condition? Today we explore some general recommendations about which situations might be better to use ice or heat!!

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