• Where are you located?

     Atlantic Spine Clinic is located in the beautiful Iron Gate Plaza, in Mount Pleasant , SC.  With easy access from Highway 17 and the Isle of Palms Connector, simply travel to the intersection of Hungryneck Blvd and the Isle of Palms Connector,  and turn into the Iron Gate Plaza,  next to the Liquid Highway Carwash.  We are located between the UPS Store and Toast, across the plaza from King Street Grille.

    Click on the "map" link under the photo to the right, or follow this link.

  • What insurance companies do you work with?

    At Atlantic Spine Clinic, we are preferred providers with the following insurance plans:

    Blue Cross State

    Blue Cross Federal

    Blue Cross PPO

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina


    United Health Care

    Golden Rule



    Call 843-884-1876 for pre-authorization for covered services under your specific plan.




    We have answers!

  • If I don't have insurance coverage, how much does it cost?

    At Atlantic Spine Clinic, we understand that healthcare premiums and deductibles are constantly on the rise, leaving patients responsible for much of the financial burden for their medical treatment when insurance coverage is limited. Due to these challenges, Atlantic Spine Clinic offers an affordable cash price of $65 for a Chiropractic visit and $75 for a Physical Therapy visit.  Both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy visits recommended together, are provided at an affordable cash rate of $95 per visit.  You can be assured that no patient will ever receive a bill from our office for additional money for services rendered. 

  • What makes your office different from the other Chiropractic offices in town?

    At Atlantic Spine Clinic, we are an Integrated Physical Medicine office with Chiropractors, a Physical Therapist, and a Physician Assistant on staff. By coordinating the treatment efforts of all three types of providers, patients are able to recover quicker, with longer sustained results. You will NEVER get roped into a "membership" package or monthly fee for treatment in our office. We generally work in 4-6 week phases of treatment, which allow to track and monitor patient progress, while offering checkpoints for the patient to determine if they are satisfied with their treatment progress. The goals of our providers are to reduce pain, improve mobility, increase strength and stability, and provide at home support to sustain the changes made with treatment in our office. When active treatment is coming to an end, we want you to leave our office "wanting us...not needing us."

  • What is Chiropractic care and how does it work?

     Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially of the spine. If joints in your spine are not moving properly, or are restricted in their motion, irritation can occur to the joint and surrounding nerve structure. This type of joint and nerve involvement can present as weakness, numbness, tingling, burning, and/or pain. Chiropractic adjustments help to restore the proper movement of the bones and joints in the spine and extremities to minimize joint involved pain and dysfunction.

    In our office, we try to coordinate both Chiropractic care and Physical Therapy services together to provide our patients with quick improvements to their pain while also restoring function to their normal activities of daily living. With a focus on providing our patients with valuable education about their particular condition and giving them home exercises for them to continue to perform once released from active care, our goal is to help patients maintain and sustain the bio-mechanic changes achieved with treatment in our office in such a way that it allows them to continue to stay active and pain-free in their day-to-day activities. 

  • Why am I seeing other providers besides the Chiropractor?

    Many of our patients will also see our in office Physical Therapist and our Physician Assistant. We have created this model intentionally, as it is what has shown to help improve the efficacy of the Chiropractic treatment provided to our patients.

    In the early and more inflammatory phase of treatment, co-managed care with the Physician Assistant helps to significantly reduce the patient's initial pain intensity, as well as joint and muscle dysfunction. The Physician Assistant may recommend services including trigger point injections, small and large joint injections, orthotic bracing support, and pain stimulator devices that all can help to reduce pain and restore better bio-mechanic function. Additionally, the Physician Assistant can assess and support environmental and/or food sensitivities and intolerances that may be the underlying cause of some of the inflammatory symptoms the patient may be describing. 

    Visits with the Physical Therapist provides rehabilitative exercise support, focused on mobility, flexibility, strength, and stability acquisition.  Their work to provide therapeutic exercises focusing on where the specific patient is deficient, directly supports the changes made from the Chiropractic treatment performed in this office. This is how our patients get better faster and longer!

  • How often do I need treatment?

    There is a common misconception about chiropractic care in that is intended to last forever.  At Atlantic Spine Clinic, our goals are simple:  

    1. Reduce Pain

    2. Stabilize the Treated Area

    3. Arm Patients with Supportive Exercises/Home Therapy Activities

    Certain conditions require more frequent treatment, but we are very clear about our long-term goals for our patients from the start. That long-term goal is our drive to "keep our patients needing us as little as possible."

    Initially, treatment usually involves multiple visits per week to guide you through the initial pain phase. 2-3 days per week for 4-6 weeks can be expected with coordinated exercises recommended and performed in office as pain levels improve. As pain intensity decreases, treatment goals shift toward the support and stabilization of the impacted regions. Passive modalities such as ultrasound, electrical simulation, and mechanical traction are often employed as supportive therapies as we work toward specific patient goals.  As patient symptoms and function improves, the patient's treatment frequency is phased down accordingly, with a goal to continue with monthly maintenance/supportive visits.


  • Does Chiropractic treatment hurt?

    No, Chiropractic care should not hurt.  However, like all new physical activity, manual pressure from an adjustment and rehabilitative exercises can be uncomfortable during and in the days following initial treatment.   

    However, under most circumstances, chiropractic adjustments are painless. In cases of recent trauma, such as car accidents, falls, or strenuous injuries, mild discomfort may occur due to the initial inflammatory process. 

    At Atlantic Spine Clinic, we offer a breadth of other complementary passive and active therapies that increase the effectiveness and comfort of therapy performed in this office.  This includes therapeutic ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, inversion therapy, mechanical traction, active and passive stretching, and therapeutic myofascial release.

    Most people feel some immediate relief and increased mobility following a Chiropractic adjustment.

  • Does Chiropractic care help during pregnancy?

    Yes, due to the ongoing changes in centers of gravity and increased weight and stress on the body of a pregnant woman throughout pregnancy, Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve low back pain, sacral and pelvic region pain, hip pain, sciatica, pain between the shoulder blades, as well as help to reduce headache and nausea frequency.  Dr. Alex Lalli, is certified in Webster Technique, a treatment technique specific for women who are pregnant. 

    The Webster Technique is a specific Chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces nervous system stress, and balances pelvic bones, muscles, and ligaments. The goal of the Webster Technique is to optimize the mother’s pelvic function during pregnancy and birth.


  • Do I need x-rays?

    While the doctors at Atlantic Spine Clinic often use x-rays, or other imaging sources such as MRIs or CT scans as part of their diagnostic evaluation process, we do not have a "blanket policy" that all patients are required to perform the aforementioned imaging prior to treatment in our office.  

    The need for x-ray or MRI imaging is determined if medically necessary after the patient's initial examination with our Chiropractors and Physician Assistant. After thorough discussion with a new patient regarding his or her condition(s) and an orthopedic evaluation is performed, further studies may be prescribed if it is clinically relevant. 

    Additionally, as treatment progresses, if a patient is not making the suspected improvement, imaging recommendations may be suggested. 

  • What does the Chiropractic adjustment actually do?

    Decreased pain goes hand in hand with improved joint motion.  A Chiropractic adjustment briefly moves and separates the joint, allowing increased joint motion, promoting better joint function.

    It also can help to increase blood flow to the area, which will promote healing. As joints move with less restriction, the surrounding musculature can decrease in tone, relieving hypertonicity and muscle spasm and tightness. 

  • What causes the "popping or cracking" noise?

    During an adjustment a popping or cracking noise is often heard. It is caused by gas rushing in to fill the partial vacuum created when the joints are slightly separated.

    There is also a release of CO2 and Nitrogen gas from the joint space, much like opening a can of soda. 

    However, not all adjusting techniques cause the cracking or popping noises. Instrument assisted techniques are available that are performed with significantly less force and without the "popping and cracking." 

  • Are chiropractic adjustments safe?

    Yes, the Chiropractors and Physician Assistant at Atlantic Spine Clinic perform thorough case history and exams to identify the rare patients for which whom Chiropractic care maybe unsuited.  In most cases, because we have several techniques available for care, there are very few people who would not benefit from Chiropractic care.


  • Is Chiropractic care safe after surgery?

     Yes, Chiropractors at Atlantic Spine Clinic are trained to work around the surgically modified areas of your spine, making sure that the regions above and below your surgery site continue to function properly and are not being forced to over-compensate due to changes made during your surgery. 

    As always, discuss your surgery with your Chiropractor to determine the right techniques and therapies that can best support your particular condition.

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