Nothing Is Helping This Knee Pain!

Nothing Is Helping This Knee Pain!

Knee Pain
Achy knees? Stiff knees? Hard to go from sitting to standing? Does it hurt to run, walk, kneel, or take the
stairs? These are all signs that you are experiencing mechanical knee dysfunction. Whether it is from
years of repetitive wear and tear activities or just the way your body has compensated and changed
over time, you are experiencing a stage of knee pain. The good news is that there are several options for
treating knee pain and they do not always include surgery!
Have you tried NSAIDs without much relief? Have you attempted steroid injections without success or
are not a candidate due to a medical contraindication? You may want to investigate Hyaluronic Acid
injections to help with your knee pain.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid and what role does it play in our knees?
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a gel-like substance that occurs naturally in our bodies. It is present in our skin,
eyes, and is part of the synovial lining that coats our joints. HA helps our body and joints retain moisture,
stay lubricated, and acts as a shock absorber which helps the joint to work properly.

What happens during your injection appointment?
We will prep your knee by cleaning the injection site thoroughly with chlorohexidine. We will then use a
topical spray to provide mild topical analgesic to the area. A 22g needle is used to deliver the medication
into the joint space and a band aid is applied following the injection. Following the injection, we will
have you sit for five minutes with an ice pack on your knee. We do this to both decrease initial swelling
post injection, but also to monitor each patient following the procedure.

What to expect after your injection?
You may have some mild tenderness at the injection site. Mild swelling or inflammation immediately
following the injection is also not uncommon. We recommend icing your knee off and on for the first 48
Most patients start to see an improvement in ROM and overall symptoms a week or two following the
procedure, sometimes earlier.


Stop by our office or call to speak with Tinsley Iselin, PA-C and see if you might be a candidate for
hyaluronic acid injections!

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