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Is Crossfit Safe?


There is little doubt that CrossFit is the hottest topic in fitness and training right now. It has drawn a ton of attraction from supporters and haters alike. Clearly, the people that do CrossFit and support its philosophy on training have had great experience with it...

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Insomnia and What You Can Do About It


We all know that getting a good night’s rest is an important part of maintaining good health. And, we know that missing out on sleep can affect how we function, our energy and our moods. So, if you’re having problems falling or staying asleep, let’s do something about it! There’s a lot you can do naturally before relying on a sleep aid, so give a natural solution a try before reaching for a pill...

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Hypertension Hope


Have you been diagnosed with hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure? If not, would you even know you had it? Do you know what the symptoms are? Usually there aren’t any – that’s why it’s called the “silent killer.” Many people discover they have it through...

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