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How's Your Foundation?


You walk. You run. You wear shoes that don’t fit, but sure look great. Your feet are exhausted at the end of the day, but you figure that’s normal. Our poor feet–we expect them to get us from Point A to Point B, but we rarely consider the beating they take from carrying us around...

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Family Health Care Choices


Of course, you just want them to be healthy. How do you keep them that way? It should really come as no surprise that women are the ones in charge of their families’ health care choices. Because they are the primary care givers in the family, for the most part...

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Embrace the Morning


You hit the alarm with your hand and soon sit up from your bed, wishing you could just get a little more sleep. Pretty soon, your to-do list begins to flood your mind as you desperately wish you could go back to bed. Your pillow never looked so inviting...

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