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We are very happy to announce Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic is now fully operational, open Monday-Friday, with updated COV-19 guidelines in place until further notice. Hopefully, everyone is staying healthy and active! Additionally, Massage Therapy will resume starting Monday, May 18. As you can imagine, the schedule is filling quickly, so contact us soon to get scheduled! Thank you for your patience as we are trying our very best to serve the needs of our patients, and our healthcare team, and maintain safe and effective practice guidelines. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Back Pain in Runners


When we think of avid runners, we often conjure in our minds people who are at the peak of fitness – active and agile, with maybe the occasional bout of knee pain, but never anything too serious because these people are healthy. Well, study after study has shown the medical community that there are a variety of issues that can affect the body of a runner, and not only his or her knees, as many would suspect. As it turns out, avid runners can battle some pretty severe low back pain. The explanation for why runners suffer episodes of low back pain may seem straightforward – the impact of foot to pavement could have a jarring effect on the spine, and over a long enough period, lead to regular episodes of back pain. While this explanation can be real for some, studies have highlighted something else entirely: Back pain in runners may stem from weak core muscles.

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