Professional Athletes Utilize Chiropractic for Peak Performance

Superbowl Sunday is less than 2 weeks away and like a lot of professional athletes, Chiropractic Care is part of their weekly routines to stay in shape.

Chiropractic care helps them to restore function to spinal joints that are fixated and not moving properly. Muscles, joints and ligaments depend upon proper joint movement for peak performance. Injuries to these tissues can reduce range of motion, decrease blood supply and make you more suseptible to injuries. Normalizing spinal function helps speed the healing of these soft tissues.

Whether you play golf, tennis, bicycle or football, the best treatment for sport injuries is prevention.
The doctors at Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic in Mt. Pleasant help athletes of all kinds in the Charelston, Mt. Pleasant, West Ashley and James Island areas. 
Here is an list of professional athletes who utilize chiropractic care:
Joe Montana
Arnold Schwarzenegger 
Emmitt Smith
Evander Holyfield
Johnny Damon
Tiger Woods 
Tom Brady
Lance Armstrong
Cole Hamels

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