Tennis Elbow

The Nice weather is coming! It Has to right?? New spring sports will be in full swing soon and for many of you that means Tennis! With this great sport comes the possibility of the dreaded Tennis Elbow. There are 3 things that can be done to prevent and treat tennis elbow:

  1. Stretch the forearm flexors and extensors (stretching your outstretched forearm with your hand pulled up and again pulled down) before and after each hitting session. This will help warm up and loosen the muscles that cause tennis elbow when excessive tightness is present.
  2. Therapy at the first sign of elbow pain is key! Along with pre and post hitting stretching you can implement therapeutic ultrasound and targeted massage therapy to further loosen muscles and break down scar tissue adhesions. Chiropractic adjustments to the ulna (elbow bone) to help ensure proper biomechanics in the joint. And, of course, ice ice ice after every hitting session to relieve inflammation in the joint and forearm muscles.Dr. Huston and Dr. Lindstrom see tennis elbow often and has a high success rate when treated early and consistently.
  3. Equipment can be changed to lessen stressors on the elbow and forearm. Softer strings (such as natural gut) can reduce the amount of vibration that travels down the racquet. Larger, lighter tennis racquets with larger sweet spots will help prevent vibration from reaching the elbow. Some racquets, including the Wilson K Three FX , offer flexibility and arm-friendly control and power.

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