Wintery Joints

Last week's winter blast in Mount Pleasant, SC and the rest of the lowcounrty, you may have noticed something happening with your joints. What is it about cold and wet weather that just seems to make those joints ache more than usual? Well it's not your imagination. There is truly something in the weather that makes joints hurt. The reason for that extra ache can be attributed to changes in humidity and barometric pressure. In fact, any type of inflammatory condition such as arthritis, bursitis or tendonitis can be affected by such weather changes. Not sure if you have an inflammatory condition? Swelling, stiffness and popping are some of the most common signs of joint inflammation. It's these conditions that tend to worsen when it's cold and damp outside. There are many different causes of joint pain, but some of the most common include over-use syndromes, that result from activity at work or athletic-related activity, and various forms of arthritis. No matter what the reason for your joint pain, exercise should be an integral part in managing that pain. However, one must be certain to take extra care to avoid the use of significant weight when planning or participating in an exercise program. Instead, try focusing on stretching and exercises that help the body in achieving full range of motion. For example, using an Elliptical machine or recumbent exercise equipment can be beneficial for joint strengthening and range of motion while limiting stress to the joints. Swimming, if you have the opportunity, is also a great way to exercise without putting unnecessary stress on joints. Our Doctors at Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic in Mount Pleasant SC, are here to answer any questions about your joints or any exercises you should be doing to keep you feeling great!

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