Massage Benefits

Massage may help improve athletic performance and quicker recovery time.
Sport puts a lot of stress on the body and can make tissues hard and inelastic. This is why at times hard training doesn’t bring any results or progress.
Doing sports puts muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints under pressure. Treating yourself to regular sport massage helps to flush out tension in the muscles and release the stress applied to the tendons and ligaments. Specifically with high impact training such as running, dancing, boxing etc.
A sports massage is a deep tissue massage that stretches and lengthens muscles fibers, which cannot be stretched in any other way.
It breaks down adhesion and scar tissues that come from old injuries and traumas. By releasing the built up tensions in muscles and fascia, which surround the muscles, sport massage increases soft tissues and joints flexibility and muscles tone.
Sports massage also helps prevent injuries that may come for overuse or lack of stretching. It’s why sports massage can help to improve training performance and prevent injuries!
As for the recovery time athletes seek, massage stimulates the blood flood in the body which starts the healing process of damage tissues.
Massage increases tissues permeability, helps the blood, oxygen and nutrients to reach the damaged areas and help to speed up the healing process of soft tissues. It enables nutrients to pass through tissues more easily, though it can provide some discomfort.
As an athlete or weekend warrior, you can receive a pre-event sports massage which will actually stimulate the muscles for better performance. And of course, post event massage will do all the things outlined above but also help with muscle soreness.
Sports massage is not only for sporty people but for everybody who feel tensions.
Office workers can benefit as much as professional athletes. Sitting down all day increases pressure on the neck and shoulders, and a sports massage can also help to release those tensions

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