The Sun Has Arrived!

Net time you go outside, observe your facial reactions to the brightness of the day. Our initial response is to squint our eyes, which then causes the muscles of our face to contract. The largest muscle that is affected by our squinting is the frontalis muscle, which is located on the forehead. Frontalis is a major contributor to tension headaches when it becomes overused due to our chronic squinting habits. Squinting not only causes muscle tension of the forehead, but it can also cause the entrapment of the supraorbital nerve (the nerve behind the eye). When this happens, you can experience ice pick- like headaches. Do yourself a favor by wearing polarized sunglasses when you go outside and if already experiencing these headaches, come see us at Atlantic Spine Clinic here in Mt. Pleasant. Our team can get you feeling better and back on the beach in no time at all!

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