Allergy Relief

If you’re like me, you’ve been noticing a great deal of pollen on your car lately and those pesky allergies have been ‘acting up’. It just might be a good time to stop by the office to help give you some allergy relief.

Yes, we as chiropractors we are known for helping with headaches and neck and back pain. However, chiropractic is not just for these symptoms alone! At Atlantic Spine Clinic we help your body function at its peak. We do so in part by helping to increase your body’s immune system.

Your immune system plays a powerful role in how your body functions and reacts to your environment. It has a pivotal role in your overall health and well being. The immune system is designed to protect you from diseases, infections and foreign substances like all that pollen we have been seeing.

There is a direct link between the function of your nervous system and the function of your immune system. As your chiropractor, we work to remove any interference with your nervous system, which thereby allows your immune system to work optimally.

So outside of sneezing a few times a day how do you know if your immune system is working properly?

  • Feeling more fatigued at the end of your day.
  • Unable to fight infections and have more ‘colds’ than usual.
  • Increased coughing or difficulty breathing.

At Atlantic Spine Clinic, we offer to our patients not only relief from seasonal allergies, but a test that is designed to indicate other intolerances you may have based on your own unique genetic and bio-chemical make up. It’s called the ALCAT test. It allows us to identify cellular reactions to over 350 foods, chemicals and toxins you are exposed to that may cause and inflammatory or ‘allergic’ response.

So the next time you sneeze, it just might be time to pick up the phone and make your next appointment!

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