Health and Productivity

It has been GEORGOUS outside the few days! Have you been getting out there to enjoy it? How about your productivity levels at home and at the office? While it has been fabulous weather outside, there should be no excuses to getting that productivity level up. Get outside and get moving!

Something as simple as getting a 30 minute midday workout in during lunch or a brisk walk is perfect to not only recharge your batteries for the afternoon, but to increase your overall happiness. Many of us have heard that we should all walk at least 10,000 steps a day. But why is this important? A 2011 report on workplace fitness examined over 750 employees in the U.S. and the U.K. and found that those employees who took the time to hit those 10,000 steps or more had a significant boost in their productivity levels!

Another major benefit to grabbing that midday workout and/or hitting your 10,000 steps per day found during this was a decrease in blood pressure! So getting out there and moving around is not only good for your productivity levels but your overall health!!!

Who doesn’t want to be more productive and have better health? I know I always want to be on the top of my game!

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