Do I need back surgery? And are there alternatives for chronic back pain?


Did you know that 8/10 Americans report experiencing a “serious episode of debilitating low back pain” at some point in their lives. And furthermore, experiencing an episode of significant low back pain increases the likelihood for incidence of additional exacerbations in the future. In this Blog, we discuss when to consider back surgery for chronic pain and potential alternatives that should be explored prior to engaging in any surgical procedures. 


Before consulting for surgery, it is important that individuals have attempted at least some of the treatment options listed below. In many circumstances they can significantly improve your condition and help to avoid surgery all together. 


Some Conservative Treatment Alternatives:

- Chiropractic

- Physical Therapy

- Massage Therapy

- Acupuncture

- Dry Needling

- Pain Management/Injections

- Regenerative Medicine

- Exercise and Nutrition 


If these alternatives are not providing relief from your symptoms, then surgery may be necessary. When a patient asks me if they should have surgery, I tell them that if their pain causes functional limitations that impact their ability to perform their daily activities and conservative treatment options are not helping to improve their condition, then a surgical consultation may be warranted. 

If you decide that a surgical consultation is necessary, always consult with a second Physician for another opinion or recommendation. Both surgeons may recommend a surgical procedure, but each one may have a different approach that might resonate better with you. It is worth having that second conversation!

Dr. Lindstrom and his team at Atlantic Spine Clinic offer chiropractic, physical therapy, and medical pain management services to help individuals who suffer from both acute and chronic pain.


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