Family Health Care Choices

Family Health Care Choices


Of course, you just want them to be healthy. How do you keep them that way?

It should really come as no surprise that women are the ones in charge of their families’ health care choices. Because they are the primary care givers in the family, for the most part, choices about the types of doctors to see, and when, generally fall under their “job description.”

So… how do you choose what’s best for your family, given the variety of health care alternatives today? Basically, it comes down to two main categories of health care: the traditional medical model (allopathic) and the alternative natural health care model. They differ greatly in their approach to illnesses/disease.

Medical Health Care Model

In the medical health care model, disease is the result of genetics and germs. It “happens” to us; we have no real control over it. The body is made up of parts and each part is cared for by a unique provider who is only interested in that part, rather than the body as a whole entity.

Symptoms and testing determine diagnosis, which is typically treated with medications, surgeries or other treatment therapies/modalities (i.e., radiation therapy). What works for one person must work for all, and doctor knows best – so patients are expected to follow all instructions.

Natural Health Care Model

The natural health care model, on the other hand, views the individual as largely responsible for his/her own illnesses based upon lifestyle choices, reactions to stress, exposure to environmental factors, etc. This model views the human body as a whole; any threat to one body part is a threat to all body parts.

The body has the ability to heal itself, without drug or surgery interventions, with the help of natural therapies that work differently for different individuals. Individuals play an important role in maintaining their health, which is more than just the absence of disease.

True health is optimal well-being in all aspects of oneself – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Which Model is Right?

It is your duty to be informed about the aspects of both health care models so that you can make intelligent decisions about your family’s health care. You may subscribe to one model and use the other when necessary, but you no longer have to adhere to the principles held by those who came before you – your parents. Both models have merit, but only when they are used as needed to provide the very best that health care has to offer.

We encourage you to try all-natural chiropractic care as your first choice. It is conservative, safe and non-invasive. If you determine that chiropractic care is not helping you or a family member, we can certainly refer you to another provider. Please give us a call to discuss your condition and how we might help you.



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