Embrace the Morning!

Transform your morning into a powerful and motivating experience.

You hit the alarm with your hand and soon sit up from your bed, wishing you could just get a little more sleep. Pretty soon, your to-do list begins to flood your mind as you desperately wish you could go back to bed. Your pillow never looked so inviting.

Welcome to the morning.

Morning time can be a daunting and annoying part of the day. However, with just a few changes, you can transform your morning into a powerful and motivating experience. Consider these simple tips:

1. Meditate and pray with gratitude.

Expressing gratitude right when the day begins helps you to see things differently. You see the day before you as a gift, not a curse or chore. Even the challenging moments ahead become opportunities to grow and learn something new.

2. Read something inspirational.

Lessons learned by others can serve as guides for us as we begin the day. Words of inspiration from the scriptures, motivational speakers, and key innovators can help us see the big picture and encourage us to keep going, even when life’s journey gets difficult.

3. Take a breath of fresh air.

This simple tip may sound cheesy, but physiologically this can work wonders for your body at the start of each day. Go outside and take a nice, slow, deep breath. After breathing in, slowly exhale and repeat a few times. This activity not only can help improve breathing, but it can also decrease feelings of stress and boost the health of the nervous system. As a result, one can experience better focus and concentration in performing tasks at work and in the home.

With a little bit of practice, you can transform your morning into the best part of the day. As you do, your morning will transform you.


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