Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by compromising bone strength, predisposing one to an increased risk of fracture. It is estimated that 10 million Americans have osteoporosis and that 34 million Americans have low bone mass. 4 out of 10 women over 50 will experience a fracture in their lifetime.


Here are some awesome tips to help you maximize the health of your bones…


  • Get Adjusted: a balanced nervous system and body are a required for proper bone growth. If you are crooked now, you will grow more crooked later. Not to mention the nociceptive input to the brain that stresses the body out, causing an acidic environment that steals away the Calcium from bones (I got too far ahead on this one).
  • Exercise: stress put on a bone causes bone growth. Work out with weights to put stress on the bones, aerobic exercise puts stress on joints.
  • Healthy food: stay clear of processed sugar, flour, salt and oils. The processing of these natural nutrients makes them like poison to your bones.
  • Drink water: dehydration is a big problem creating an acidic environment. 
  • Balance the hormone system: if necessary, use natural hormones that mimic human hormones in structure and function. These are more effective than their synthetic counterparts.
  • Take appropriate supplements: Calcium is extremely important for bone strength. This will not be absorbed and utilized without Vitamin D. Other trace elements and minerals are just as important (magnesium, boron, copper, zinc, silica and others).
  • Minimize or avoid dairy: it is estimated that close to 75% of the worlds population cannot digest processed dairy foods (ever hear of lactose intolerance).
  • Maintain a normal pH: normal physiological pH is 7.2. Eating too many refined foods (sugar, flour, salt and oils) results in nutritional deficiency syndrome of low level of vitamins and minerals. This creates an acidic environment, leaching the Calcium out of the bones. Calcium is taken out of the bones to bring up the pH of the acidic blood and tissue.

 Bone building works in two ways:

  1. Osteoblasts lay down new bone
  2. Osteoclasts remove old bone

In order to have the healthiest bone possible, both osteoblasts and osteoclasts have to function properly. Alcohol consumption, biophosphonate drugs, smoking, toxins and other stressors have a negative effect on either osteoblasts or osteoclasts (some affect both).

In our office we promote the DREAM Principle of:

  • Diet
  • Rest
  • Exercise
  • Adjustment
  • Mindset

These tools can ensure you the best opportunity to make new bones and clean up the old ones. Sound good? Call our office today to discover how Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic can benefit you!


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