Blue Tape Craze

What is that crazy blue tape Olympians such as Kerry Walsh Jennings and Katrina Holtwick are wearing? It’s KinesioTape! Kinesio, K-Tape, SpiderTech… whatever brand you use it all works on the same theory. This special cloth tape is designed to alleviate tender, sore, achy and otherwise poorly functioning muscles. The tape is applied by specially trained doctors, physical therapists and/or athletic trainers to aid muscle function, expedite lymph drainage and encourages healing blood flow.

Dr. Huston and Dr. Cassetori use KinesioTape frequently at Atlantic Spine Clinic to correct small postural problems, to alleviate pain surrounding acute injury and to allow peak physical performance during times of chronic injury. In fact, Dr. Cassetori can be seen periodically sporting blue tape on the tennis court for elbow, shoulder and/or abdominal injuries.

Stop in today to ask our docs if KinesioTape could help you with a current injury or upcoming athletic event.

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