Kick the Flip-Flop habit

In South Carolina, flip-flop season isn’t just summer, its year round. It’s quick and easy to put on and feet stay cool but it’s a common reason why our feet hurt. The thin rubber sole in many flip-flops does little to effectively absorb the shock from concrete, asphalt and steel---surfaces we walk on everyday! Even just running errands, our feet and bodies feel it.

Whether you are standing still or in motion, your feet are your first point of contact with the ground. The way your feet are positioned provides the foundation for the body's skeletal alignment. A flat shoe provides little arch or lateral support and even slight shifts in stance over time could lead to misalignment, causing pain in the knees, hips and back.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing flip-flops completely. Just try not to overwear them! Lace up some tennis or athletic shoes when heading out to the grocery store. Shoes will offer more arch support as well as cushion your heel strike. If you can’t part with the flops, spend the extra money and buy a good pair rather than buying 10 pairs for 2 bucks, Look for sandals with a substantial foot bed and softer and broader straps . Your body and feet will thank you.


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