Home Stretching and Massage

When you think of stretching what comes to mind? Touching your toes? Twisting?

When you think of massage what comes to mind? Dark, relaxing room? Hot stones?

There are some interesting ways to get the benefits of stretching and massaging at HOME, using creative, at-home props!

Tennis ball - a tennis ball can be held between your back, buttocks, legs or arms and the wall or floor to press trigger points that cause pain in muscle fibers.
Rolling pin - it sounds brutal, but rolling pins can be used in place of foam rollers or 'The Stick', and can be used to increase blood flow and break up adhesion in many muscles, including the IT Bands, that can be difficult to stretch.
Hand towel or paper towel roll - rolled to approximately the diameter of a wine bottle, lie on the floor with the roll under your neck and allow the weight of your head to stretch the anterior (front) neck muscles.

Just like massage and stretching these techniques can cause soreness later and should be used in moderation. Be sure to drink plenty of water and ice afterward (cycles of 15 minutes on/15 minutes off)

Ask Dr. Huston or Dr. Cassetori for more creative ways to maintain musculoskeletal wellness at home!

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