Neck and Shoulder Exercises Instead of Medication in Chiropractic Care

Because exercise often leads to improved posture, range of motion functionality improving your body functions, it can help treat the source of your pain as well as help prevent chronic neck and shoulder pain from developing at the start. Exercise helps prevent and relieve pain through a number of mechanisms including strengthening supportive muscles and restoring flexibility to help maintain posture.

Repetitive strain injuries have become more common as many people spend most of their days sitting in front of computers. Computer work is associated with neck pain specifically originating from the trapezius muscle, and many types of neck pain can be traced back to poor posture at work or during your commute.

It's a vicious cycle from poor sitting posture leading to neck pain and then after neck pain develops; it can make your posture even worse. For instance, one study showed people with chronic neck pain demonstrate a reduced ability to maintain an upright posture when distracted or doing work especially in their habit.

Following an exercise program, people with neck pain had an improved ability to obtain a neutral cervical posture during sitting, which suggests it may help break the poor posture/neck pain cycle and habit of straining.

Strain in the neck often comes from repetitive office work for example, being at a computer typing, answering phones, filing and others. 

Targeting the neck and shoulder muscles is a very beneficial treatment for people with chronic neck and  muscle pain instead of a general fitness routine which does not target the muscles towards the neck and shoulders.

Five exercises that should be implemented are:

  1. Dumbbell shrug
  2. One-arm row
  3. Upright row
  4. Reverse fly
  5. Lateral raise/shoulder abduction

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