This Month’s Men’s Health

This month in Men’s Health Magazine you will find the usual suspects – steaks, workouts and women! But what you will also find are numerous tidbits about back pain! Page 52 points out that aches and pains can develop from mundane daily activities like computer work. These tasks cause weak back muscles and tight chest muscles. Test your own muscles by leaning against the wall in a “hands up!” position, if you cannot pull your elbows to your sides without pulling them away from the wall… you need (back) strengthening and (chest) stretching!

Also see page 58 where Darren Williams is recognized for losing 297lbs… and his lowback pain! Darren is quoted saying “My chronic back pain faded as pounds fell off.” Stop in the office today to discuss chronic upper and lower back pains with our doctors, and/or to discuss weight loss options!

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