A Nod to Chiropractic on “The Doctors”

On April 23 an episode of “The Doctors” highlighted chiropractors and other doctors that “look for the cause of the problem, not just management of the symptoms”. Representing the chiropractic profession was Fabrizio Mancini, D.C., the president of Parker University. Dr. Mancini evaluated a patient for lowback pain and discovered problems in her pelvis, lowback, upperback and neck, as well carrying more weight on one foot than the other. The segment went on to discuss triggers for pain that everyone is subject to and can project pain to different areas of the body:

* Physical stress (car accidents, slips, falls)
* Chemical stress (improper diet, too much sugar, inflammation, drug interactions)
* Emotional stress (stress at work, relationship, children)

The show informed millions of viewers that there are simple ways to prevent pain and improve your health that do NOT require drugs, and reminded them that spinal problems can cause pain in many areas of the body.

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