Pregnancy and Chiropractic

  Chiropractic care during pregnancy—is it safe & effective?

There are no known contradictions to seeing a chiropractor during pregnancy.  Training is done by the chiropractors on how to specifically treat women during pregnancy.

There may be different tables used for adjustments to help fit the women’s needs rather than an uncomfortable table on the abdomen.  Also, different techniques in manipulating the body are used to prevent unwanted pressure/stress on the abdomen especially when the woman is far along in her pregnancy.  Exercises and stretches should also be provided for the overall wellness of the woman and to allow for the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy as possible.

During pregnancy the abdomen is forced outward to carry the fetus.  Also, the back may have a slight curvature too from compensating for the outward abdomen.  The pelvis also changes during this time to prepare for birth.  Overall, posture may change as well.  Therefore, chiropractic care during pregnancy can help misaligned joints, help with pelvic balance, and help the nervous system stay in control as best as possible during the whole pregnancy. Chiropractic care during pregnancy may reduce back and neck pain/discomfort, reduce nausea, improve overall wellness, shorten labor, and help the mother feel better in general. 

After birth, chiropractic care can help mothers know what position to nurse in, how to carry the baby, how to pick the baby up, and other body motions involved with a newborn.  

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