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I trust Dr. Huston and Atlantic Spine Clinic with my family; they are courteous, professional, and the results have been wonderful. The staff is very friendly and they offer much more than just chiropractic, this is the office I would recommend for anyone struggling with back pain. 
Jenny Sanford, Former First Lady of South Carolina

I have complete trust in Dr. Huston and his staff at Atlantic Spine Clinic. I find his clinical expertise to be exceptional and valuable, not only personally, but also for the enhancement of the Wellness Initiative for CCSD employees.
Dr. Nancy McGinley, CCSD Superintendent

The Atlantic Spine Clinic is one of the best medical facilities I have encountered. Dr. Lindstrom, Dr. Huston and their staff (Evie, Chelsea, Elaine, Jackie) work as an incredible team to improve your quality of life, not just the pain in your back. They are thorough, thoughtful, and accurate. In a convenient location, they provide every opportunity for health and healing. While I appreciate how quickly they have helped me with my health and thus my career in training horses, I will miss seeing them each week. In a month, not only am I receiving compliments on the improvement in my posture, but I feel better in my day to day life. I can't thank them enough for taking such good care of me, and I will recommend them always in the future! Thank you so much, all of you, for helping me move forward! Literally!!
J.N. Mount Pleasant, SC

We have been going to Atlantic Spine Clinic almost since it opened. We love it there and now drive across town to continue going there. Dr. Rick Huston is caring and professional. Dr. Lindstom is pleasant and helpful. Our entire family (including children) receive excellent adjustments from either Chiropractor. The rest of the staff is also excellent. I have had a wonderful massage with Jackie and can highly recommend her as well. Over the years we have referred many of our friends to Atlantic Spine Clinic and will continue to do so. 
L. B. Mount Pleasant, SC

I have been coming to Dr. Huston for several years. He knows exactly what I need to relieve pain and takes into consideration other health limitations I have. I never have trouble getting an appointment and always feel like family. He is sincerely caring about his patients. I used to go all the way to Goose Creek for my chiropractic care but am happy ASC is close to my home and work here in Mt. Pleasant. You won't be disappointed if you come here!!
R.G Mount Pleasant, SC

I want to thank the Atlantic Spine Clinic staff and their patients for a warm welcome into the office; not only as a new team member but also as a patient. In the few short months while working at Atlantic Spine Clinic I have been getting routine adjustments and working diligently on rehab and physical therapy exercises that complement my chiropractic care. The advanced model of encompassing all aspects of healthcare under one roof, practiced at Atlantic Spine Clinic, really is the ticket to a full recovery :) I started seeing a chiropractor for neck and low back pain in high school and since starting treatment I have been able to increase my exercise program from non-existent back to where I was several years ago. I am so glad I found Atlantic Spine Clinic!
E. P. Mount Pleasant, SC

I have been going to ASC since 2011.The staff there is friendly, encouraging, and helpful. Any one of them would give you the shirt right off of their back. They've recently renovated their processes by adding a nice physical therapy area to teach exercises that help lower recovery time. If you're looking for the best chiropractic care available, I can't think of anywhere else but here.
C.F. Mount Pleasant, SC

This is the best chiropractor I have ever been too! I was in a car accident 3 years ago and have had severe neck and shoulder pain but I think I have finally found the place that can fix it. They do it all there massage, adjustments, stem, and make me do my stretches. I walk in and I feel like I am at home!!! They are all so friendly and professionally at the same time. Just moving from Atlanta I think I finally have found the cure to my pain. Thank you so much for the help and the pain free days that I have already have!!! If you have pain this is the place that you must try!!!
L. C. Mount Pleasant, SC

Thank you so very much for making my back and neck feel virtually pain-free and balanced again! I was referred to Atlantic Spine by other teachers at my school. Now, I recommend Atlantic Spine to everyone. Just today, I was talking to my insurance agent and mentioned how I love my chiropractic office. She said she loves hers also. I told her I go to ASC and she started laughing...so does she! Everyone should:) Wonderful and caring docs, therapists, and staff!!!
C. L. Mount Pleasant, SC

I've been going here for a year now and been meaning to post on how wonderful this place is. I've been to several other Chiropractics before moving to Charleston and the attention and care I receive here is beyond compare. I came in with an injury, Dr. Lindstrom helped tremendously. My injury is fully healed, I don't go as often now but when I do, I feel great after an adjustment. The massage therapy is also wonderful. I highly recommend Atlantic Spine Clinic.
E. P. Mount Pleasant, SC

I have been a patient at Atlantic Spine clinic since 2007. I was skeptical of chiropractic treatment in the beginning and hesitant to give it a try. I can honestly say, I have no idea how I lived so long without chiropractic treatment as a part of my regular health a wellness regimen. I encourage anyone who is even remotely considering chiropractic as a part of their treatment to an ailment or as an addition to a healthy lifestyle to give Atlantic Spine Clinic a try.
M. B. Mount Pleasant, SC

From day one, I never felt like a "patient" of theirs. Amidst crazy workout schedules and urgent same-day visits for migraines; Drs. Huston and Lindstrom (and all of the staff) continue to make my life as an endurance athlete as smooth and enjoyable as possible. I am not the most compliant client when it comes to needing to rest from workouts, and Dr. Huston understands that. Between Dr Huston, Dr Lindstrom, Chelsea, Jackie, Elaine, and Evie; I am able to continue training safely and successfully. The treatments and advice I have been given make me feel like I am a valuable and capable tool in my own treatment on the road to a healthy and happy future.
I truly believe that chiropractic care is one of the best ways help myself get back to 100%, and the only place I will go for this is Atlantic Spine Clinic. Not only did you turn a skeptic into a true believer, but I am now one of your biggest cheerleaders! Atlantic Spine Clinic is, hands down, one of the best life decisions I've made.
The whole staff is wonderful! My neck is moving better than it ever has and I have been headache free for the last few months! Really great place!!
M. V. Mount Pleasant, SC

I am so glad I asked my friend Ryan Buckhannon if he could recommend a chiropractor. He recommended without hesitation Richard Huston at Atlantic Spine Clinic. I made an appointment about 4 months ago and immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Huston and his friendly and accommodating staff. I have been trying to find relief for chronic neck pain for years. Through his adjustments and an exercise routine that he recommended, I have been very happy with my progress. Instead of having consistent neck pain that was interfering with my life, I can now say that my pain is very intermittent and if I keep up with my exercises, I rarely experience severe neck discomfort. Thank you Dr. Huston and staff!
L. F. Mount Pleasant, SC

The entire office is great! I am amazed that all the staff knows my name as well as my husband and daughter. I am always greeted by name and with a smile by Jackie, Chelsea or Elaine. They have answered any billing question effectively and immediately. Scheduling an appointment is easy and they are willing to work with my schedule at anytime. Both Doctor's are amazing and are super friendly and helpful. I feel like they truly want you to get better by encouraging you to do exercises to strengthen and combat any problems you are having. Evie, the nurse practitioner has recently been giving me injections to ease my neck pain. Each injection has helped and has been painless. The massage therapist, Jackie, has given the best massage I ever had. Chelsea helps with physical therapy and will even get on the floor and do exercises with me! She also gives me an ultrasound treatment whenever I am in extreme pain. I can't say enough good things about this office!! Cudo's to Dr Huston and Dr Lindstrom for leading such an awesome team.
L. G. Mount Pleasant, SC

I went to see Dr. Huston's office this past summer with neuropathy issues that were constant and ailing. My gait was not quite right and I had issues with my GI tract as well. I was very impressed with the knowledge base and professional behavior of the whole office. Everyone there is very welcoming and pleasant.
I first signed in to indicate my complaint, then I was visited by Tracy the nurse who would look at my vitals and offer me other services related to my allergies and nutrition. Then, I went back for physical therapy exercises with Chelsea. These were really important going forward because they helped to keep myself going in the right direction, instead of reverting to the same old bad habits. Lastly, I would be seen by Dr. Lindstrom who was terrific in getting me to move around a lot better. I owe increased mobility and flexibility to his work.
My issue with neuropathy has been ongoing for over a decade so it wasn't easy work to bring improvement here, but improve I did. I still have the neuropathy but the sensation is much less. More importantly, my gait and overall pressure on my GI tract has decreased from incorrect walking. Doing a few exercises with rolling my neck on a cold wine bottle, and using pressure corrected my position, and overall mobility went up.
Right now, I don't have the gas issues that I once had, I move much better, and with a combination of other therapies, I'm getting my neuropathy under control. The take home message for me is that these professionals worked with me, got to know my issues well enough, to take me from a place of discomfort to one of relative ease.
I don't think any therapy is perfect, but their holistic approach and caring nature allows for many modalities that when used in conjunction with one another can bring about great change.
Thanks Atlantic Spine and Health for bringing me back on the track of heath and well being! They are highly recommended for their professionalism, their effectiveness, and the affordable care they offer.
J. S. Daniel Island, SC

I can't say enough good things about this place! After seeing several other chiropractors with no results, my M.D. highly recommended that I go to Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic. After my first consultation with Dr. Huston, I knew that I was in the right place. Not only is my chronic pain subsiding but they have also shown me several practical exercises that I can do at home or the office to stop the pain from coming back. The Drs and the entire staff are HIGHLY professional without being pretentious or stuffy. This is one routine appointment that I truly look forward to!
A. M. Mount Pleasant, SC

I met Dr. Huston in 2009 when I was participating in the Team in Training Disney half marathon program. I was having SO MANY issues as I increased the mileage. He talked to our group and I decided to give chiropractic care a try. My dad had a horrible experience with a chiropractor when I was a small child so I was scared to death! :) I immediately began to feel better and worked hard to do all of the mobility and strengthening exercises he taught me. Later we laughed because he said after the first assessment he thought to himself that he didn't know how I would run 13 miles! It speaks volumes to the effort he put into working with me and how much I improved under his care. I DID complete the 13.1 miles in January 2010 at about a 10 min/mile pace in 29 degrees and sleet/rain the whole way!!!
Drs Huston and Lindstrom's passion for their work is evident in every interaction they have with their clients. They are not there to keep you coming back for adjustment after adjustment. Each truly believes in educating his patients on movement and how to achieve your greatest potential. I am thankful for all Dr Huston has done for me over the years and I continue to see him and now Dr. Lindstrom. They keep me grounded and motivated to stay healthy and fit. The staff is a joy to be around and they quickly become your friends. It's hard not to tell all of my friends about Atlantic Spine Clinic. I have referred several people to them and there has yet to be anything but rave reviews.
R. O. Mount Pleasant, SC

My partner and I originally found the Atlantic Spine Clinic after we were rear ended at a stop light. We were both pretty sore and already knew the benefits of chiropractic care, so knew we needed to find a good chiropractor. We chose ASC because I liked their website a lot and the receptionist that called us back was so friendly. They were able to work us in quickly and we were impressed with their efficiency. Sam has since moved out of state, but the service we received from Dr. Rick Huston kept us coming back. He is one of the best chiropractors we have ever seen and truly cares about his patient's comfort and well being. The office is warm, friendly, and inviting and we always have fun. We have been patients for almost two years and everyone is like family now. We always look forward to a visit to catch up and a good adjustment! :)
C. W. Mount Pleasant, SC

Nearly seven years ago while on deployment to the Middle East, the vehicle I was riding in was struck by an Improvised Explosive Device. The force of the blast was transferred up and down my spine creating issues ranging from limited mobility of the neck through herniated discs to pelvic instability. Over the years, this took its toll on me preventing me from playing sports and making even everyday activities painful. Rick and Randy and their staff took the time to properly evaluate me and create a thoughtful and thorough plan to realign my spine to its natural position and to provide maintenance so that it would remain there. After having been in pain everyday for seven years, they have given me a significantly better quality of life and allowed me to regain some of the pain free activity I once had. I have also been dually impressed with Rick and Randy and their staff taking the time to get to know me and what's important to me and how I wish to live my life. In doing so, they have gotten me moving again, but have prohibited me from playing extreme sports so as not to exacerbate my condition. The bottom line is that they are a bunch of truly great people who run a knowledgeable and professional practice.
A. M. Mount Pleasant, SC

The entire staff at Atlantic Spine Clinic has been wonderful. Dr. Lindstrom has been able to alleviate my lower back pain by providing excellent care and a stretching routine that I adhere to daily. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is suffering from back pain. They have a nice, clean office and the equipment is top notch too.
B. M. Mount Pleasant, SC

I'm a geezer who has consumed my share of health care. I have a lower back condition that responds to Chiropractic treatment. Rich delivers for me. Randall has stepped up when Rich is doing oceanic research.
There is a vibe you feel in his luxurious waiting room . The staff make you feel welcome and work you in when necessary.There is no lack of Chiropractors in East Cooper. Over 4 years of treatment I have observed their patient count grow consistently. Satisfaction is being delivered
You walk out feeling better than when you came in, isnt that what its all about ?
D. L. Mount Pleasant, SC

What's not to love about this place? Lindstrom and Huston genuinely care for their patients and their patient's interests. They will set you up with a gameplan for success. The office is clean and comfortable. First experience with a chiropractor and they were able to evaluate my condition and get me set up with a recipe to make me feel better!
R. K. Mount Pleasant, SC

This was my first experience with a chiropractor. I was a little skeptical – but in desperate need of relief of my neck pain. My first visit with Dr. Lindstrom was very thorough – and discussed the physiological aspects of chiropractic care
A. W. Mount Pleasant, SC

Not enough stars to click! Fantastically positive atmosphere, very helpful and informative staff! been a few weeks so far and I feel a significant difference! I'm a very tall guy so finding the right chiropractor was important for me, I can't stress the fact this gang knows whats up, highly recommend, there the BEST around!
J. R. Mount Pleasant, SC

Thanks to the team of The Atlantic Spine Clinic, I can now live my life pain free!!
Before being introduced to The Atlantic Spine Clinic, I suffered from chronic back pain and some days couldn't even get out of bed. Now I am pain free, and I can live my life to the fullest and enjoy all the activities I want to. My only regret is not coming to The Atlantic Spine Clinic sooner! The staff is wonderful and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
L. S. Mount Pleasant, SC

I have been seeing chiropractors for many years, following a fight with an automobile, that I lost. I have multiple problems with neck and spine. The Atlantic Spine and Health Clinic are the real deal. Do fool around. Go to the best.
N. D. Mount Pleasant, SC

Fantastic! Fixed the sporadic shooting pains I was getting in my back as well as wrist pain. So friendly and funny. The one doctor I actually enjoy seeing.
D. D. Mount Pleasant, SC

After being diagnosed with spinal stenosis and unable to kayak without pain, Atlantic Spine Clinic got me back on track with expert care from Dr. Houston and his fabulous team of massage therapists!!! I can honestly say that I now kayak with no pain and last weekend kayaked around Sullivan's Island...I will continue to visit Atlantic Spine Clinic and stay healthy!!!
M. P. Mount Pleasant, SC

This place is positive and the atmosphere is relaxing. It just a really fun place to visit. I never thought relaxation, having fun and healing could work in synergy. It’s like a neighborhood hangout, everyone knows your name and the other patients are really excited to be there. Sometimes I just like to stop in and say hello to the team. Dr. Huston and Dr. Randal, are brilliant and truly masters of their domain. Their knowledge is so far and wide and they communicate so well on a level that you know exactly what your body is doing. I will never go anywhere else and I will always recommend Atlantic Spine for any spinal or painful recovery needs. I live 30 minutes away and it’s just well worth the drive from where ever you are in the tri-county area. 2 Toes and 2 Thumbs up!
B. D. Mount Pleasant, SC

Great Chiropractic Clinic. Love the staff and services and gadgets they have available to treat aches and work on specific back issues, etc. I do a lot of sports and I appreciate the exercises and the physical therapy part of it too. I have seen Dr. Huston for for many years and would recommend this practice to a friend or family.
B. P. Mount Pleasant, SC

Great doctors and staff. They have helped me undo years of back and neck pain. The only reason I give them 5 stars is because Google doesn't let me give 6 stars.
T. S. Mount Pleasant, SC

Best place for all your chiropractic needs. Dr. Lindstrom is the most professional and courteous doctor I've met! I recommended them to everyone.
H. H. Mount Pleasant, SC

Everyone at Atlantic Spine has helped me over the last three month. When I started I was in pain continually. I started seeing improvement immediately and with chiro care it has made a major improvement in my life. You all do an amazing job! Thanks!
S. C. Mount Pleasant, SC

I'm a new patient and I love these guys already. So friendly. I feel better already after just two visits and after my first one, the doc called me later that day to make sure I was doing ok. You rarely find that kind of care these days. I will be a repeat customer!!
P.P. Mount Pleasant, SC

I absolutely love Dr. Houston and his staff. I've been a patient for a few years now, and they are just as amazing today, as they were the day I started. I recommend him to anyone in need of a chiropractor, he's just that good!!!
G. R. Mount Pleasant, SC

This office is amazing. I'm fairly young and very active, until I did something to my neck that had me awake all night and in constant pain for about 2 months. I don't like going to doctors and try to let my body heal itself, but this got unbearable. I initially went to PT for two weeks, which didn't help. Then a friend referred Dr. C to me... After 4 visits I'm back to normal and feel great! Dr. C is amazing and so is Sam. Both of them make you feel like you have been friends forever. If you are in pain and considering a chiropractor, go see them! I promise you wont regret it.
C. F. Mount Pleasant, SC

Doctor and staff are AMAZING! I have suffered with cronic severe lower back pain for years. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon and been through tons of therapy, x-rays and MRI's and was still in a tremendous amount of pain. After my very first visit to Atlantic Spine I was in virtually no pain at all! I was met with a kind, caring enthusiastic staff with a plan and course of action to not just treat the symptoms but attack the cause! I am 40 years old and am now strutting like a 20 year old! I FEEL LIKE DANCING! ----Thanks Atlantic Spine Clinic
V. S. Mount Pleasant, SC

Truly excellent on every dimension. Start with Sam, the EASY..going, Can Do, No Worries! (more than) receptionist, who sets the stage for the optimistic, joyful environment experienced Every Time you enter the office. The Docs: Knowledgeable, and Strategic in approach, to the variables of each patient's structural AND OVERALL health situation. I have experienced a number of chiropractors across the country and many years. So have a good idea of what one is getting here. Summed up: Beyond whatever you are expecting. I really have the problems. Complicated. And in Give Up mode when I came. They dont give you a Chance to give up Here! And I am, like the other patients I talk to, am getting better. I wouldnt miss an appointment for anything! If you are reading this, Hope is yours! Good luck to you!
M. S. Mount Pleasant, SC

Rick's understanding of the way the body is put together is unsurpassed. He has twice put me back in when 2 or 3 other chiropractors haven't been able to. I have traveled from Costa Rica to Charleston just to have him put a hip back in that no one else could handle. I wouldn't even consider going to anyone else in the area, or really the southeast for that matter. I doubt anyone is as good.
E. A. Mount Pleasant, SC

He will also explain (and enjoys doing so) what the problem is, what likely caused it, and what to do to stay away from it happening again.
L. A. Mount Pleasant, SC

AMAZING! I am a dental hygienist and never knew my back could feel normal again!! THANK YOU!!
D. B.

Excellent Customer Service! I started playing baseball for the first time in nearly 15 years, and after pitching in the first game, my arm was so sore I didn't know if it would ever be the same. Dr. Huston and his staff provided treatment that allowed me to finish the season with minimal pain. We continued my treatment and am starting this season with no pain. I have already had several practices/workouts and the shoulder is back to 100%. In addition, Dr. Huston took care of some minor back issues that I hadn't even noticed. I feel like a new man these days and the best part is the friendly atomsphere. I look forward to seeing Sam, Dr. Cass and Dr. Huston every week.
E. S. Mount Pleasant, SC

WONDERFUL!!!!! Dr Huston and the team at Atlantic Spine Clinic are an essential part of my overall well-being.
J. F. Mount Pleasant, SC

From the moment you walk into the Spine Clinic you feel like part of the family. It took one visit and everyone knew my name.
C. M. Goose Creek, SC

I would highly recommend anyone to you that suffers from chronic back pain, knee pain, or headaches. You sure improved my quality of life in a very short period of time and I know you can do the same for others with similar problems.
P.R. Mount Pleasant, SC

I cant say enough about the personal care I have received from Dr Huston. The daily pain and discomfort I was experiencing when I began treatment has been significantly reduced and my quality of daily living in greatly improved!
S.J. Charleston, SC

I love the friendly atmosphere, the courteous service, and fun of this office. Also I love working with Dr. Huston. He has been marvelous!
S.B. Huger, SC

Most caring and friendly staff I have ever met!
A.F. Mt. Pleasant, SC

Dr. Huston is very thorough and very caring about his patients. He has helped me tremendously with my shoulder pain.
D.T.  Mt. Pleasant, SC

My treatment not only helped the pain but it helped me be more active and want to be more active. I would refer anyone to Atlantic Spine Clinic.
M.W. Charleston, SC

I am now much more flexible, have no pain and surfing again! My stress has gone down and my energy level is up. I see Dr. Huston one time per month and have massages two times a month to keep healthy. It has made such a positive difference!
L.P. Mt. Pleasant, SC

Everyone at the clinic is positive, friendly and ultra professional. I recommend them to anyone dealing with back, neck, shoulder, or hip problems. They will work with Blue Cross and other insurances and many of their clients are teachers.
L.P. Mt. Pleasant, SC

Thank you so much for keeping me healthy. You are an intricate part to my marathon training. Thank you!
A.J.Mt. Pleasant, SC

The man with a heart of gold! You go above and beyond . One of the best people I've ever met.
J.O. Charleston, SC

Ya'll are magic!!
C.C., Mt. Pleasant, SC

I came in a bit skeptical of the whole deal but figured it was a worth a try. It works I'm a believer!
C.L. Charleston, SC

Wow! I'm a new woman after my visit to ASC. Not only were the staff very friendly and helpful but Dr. Huston educated me on my reasons for my reoccurring pain. I left feeling more balanced, knowledgeable, and open then I have since moving here from Charlotte two months ago. Thank you all so much for a wonderful chiropractic experience! I can't wait to tryout all this new body real estate in my next yoga class!! Many thanks!!
H.H. Charleston, SC

I can't say enough about Dr. Huston and his staff. He is a doctor who cares about every aspect of his patient's care. Coming from out of state Dr. Huston provided referrals to the most wonderful doctors in the area. In each case Dr. Huston took the time to work personally with each of them to help organize my health care. Truly amazing and very much appreciated.  
K.H. Mount Pleasant, SC

At one time I considered Chiropractors to be like witch doctors, however and since then, truly believe that finding an excellent Chiropractor, such as yourself and the services you and your staff provide are worth their weight in gold.
W.W. Walker, Michigan

Dr Huston and his staff are professional and experienced. I feel confident as a patient at the practice that I will receive considered and careful treatment that totally supports me in my challenge to manage my chronic spine and neck problem.
M.G. Mt. Pleasant, SC

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