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Drew Dreiling C.B.H.C

Drew Dreiling C.B.H.C, Certified Health Coach

“Belief is half of all healing- belief in the cure, belief in the future that awaits.” ~Patrick Ness


A health and wellness professional since 2005, Drew personally understands the challenges that can come from dealing with a significant health issue. Diagnosed with what he was told was an incurable auto-immune condition in his mid-20s, Drew’s faith led him explore holistic, integrative and natural interventions and lifestyle changes to find a solution. After only a few months of implementing some of these new-found strategies, Drew’s health dramatically improved!


His experience was so profound that he actually shifted careers- from clinical counseling to holistic health and wellness. Since then Drew has taken his passion for all things health-related along with his desire to help others into his work as a health coach, nutritionist and personal trainer. In 2018 Drew wrote his first book- The Dreiling Health Solution, a 350-page compendium of vital health resources (available thru Amazon and Barnes & Noble).


Drew serves his clients through 3 distinct services- holistic health coaching, nutrition coaching and personal training. All 3 services are available to both local Charleston area clients as well as remote clients.

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