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What is Stivax?

Stivax is one of the many options we have here at Atlantic Spine Clinic for pain management.  Stivax is a minimally invasive form of neurostimulation therapy.  Instead of surgically implanting wires, the electrical impulses travel down a branch of the vagus nerve (road map of the body), all the way down the spine; where pain signals are able to be blocked. 

Two tiny needles are placed by both Dr. Joye and Kelley into your ear and taped into place.  The stimulation device is then secured on your shoulder.   This remains in place for 2 weeks, with regular check-ups at our office.  The device is then removed for one week and repeated one more time. 

Our patients who have had this procedure performed have often spoken about their improvement in quality of life.  They’re able to be more physically active, without the side effects of opiods.

Feel free to talk to Kelley about any questions or concerns!


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